For orders  more than $1000, please contact us     

Shipping is free for our spa package $1000 and above, please contact us  

Once an order has been successfully confirmed, it would immediately undergo our standard quarantine procedure.

This procedure would ensure that the fish are in optimum condition before they are packed for shipping. 

Standard quarantine procedure last up to seven days. But it may take a little longer depending on the quantity that was ordered

We have strict protocols for acclimation and holding.

Export Packing is carried out in an air-conditioned packing room.

The main packing table is built of stainless steel allows 2 teams to operate simultaneously while fish are delivered to the table on trolleys.

They are then packed in packing water of the same temperature to minimize stress.

This process lowers the metabolism of the fish ensuring a better arrival condition at destination.

Bags are machine clipped to ensure a fast and reliable packing process.

Shipping charges may vary per season. Please contact us for a more accurate cost.