Process and Free Water Gel

Fish spa is a new found treatment for a lot of health and beauty reasons. Beside from making your skin smooth, it can also help you make your scar disappear, accelerate your blood circulation, make dead skin get peeled off naturally and helps skin rejuvenation.

Process can be done for both at home and spa centers.

Before this spa treatment make sure you wash with lukewarm water as to remove any lotion or cosmetics. Then use our Garra Rufa Spa Purifier. Alternatively you could wash with soap and rinse. After minutes of this treatment, it will feel like a massage. Then dry yourself with a towel and apply our special lotion to keep your skin softer.

Is it possible to hydrate your skin continuously?

Now you can with our new water gel. With its breakthrough Progressive Release System, your skin will get up to two times, the continuous all day hydration it needs. Reduce dull appearance, dry lines and crack to reveal smoother and more supple skin with our combination of advanced hydrating elements.

We offer free Garra Rufa After Spa Water Gel with an order of our comprehensive spa package.

Why it works? Utilizing the latest technology, Hyaluronic Acid is condensed and formulated into a highly effective essence. Once applied on the skin, the 12-hour “Progressive Release System” is automatically activated. Hydration is released steadily, providing up to 200% hydration to dry skin cells – hydration power that lasts the whole day. With the 12-hour Progressive Release System, it’s like providing a virtual skin reservoir to your skin, which can provide moisture to dry skin cells when they need it, helping skin stay hydrated all day long.
Key Ingredients Purified Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid is the key compound that keeps our skin youthful. It works by binding to water molecules and holding up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture, resulting in more supple and smooth skin. Olive Extract Known for its protective, moisturizing and antioxidant qualities, it is a complex combination of fatty acids, which is very similar to our skin’s natural moisture shield. Glycerin Helps bind moisture to the skin’s surface for optimal softening effect, and is a potent skin firming agent to stimulate natural improvement of the skin’s support systems.

For every order, you get a free Global Aquatics After-Spa water gel to make your skin retain it's natural softness. Packaged in a blue crystal bottle and box. It comes with an easy carry on case.

For large orders you may ask for more than one. Until quantities last. For spa owners, with your order, you will receive our Global Aquatics Inc. water gel package of your choice.

Advantages of Global Aquatics Water Gel

• Lightweight, not sticky and easily absorbed by the skin
• Immediate results you can see and feel
• Can be used in conjunction with or alternately with your current skin care regimen.
• Provides the solution to dehydrated skin without the excess oils that most other products offer.
• Gives softer, supple, hydrated skin without added oil. Its oil free formulation allows the product to be instantly absorbed into the skin without any greasy feel.

*The Water Gel must be use after the treatment. Not on or before.

Exclusive Distribution: The "Global Aquatics After-Spa Water Gel" is an exclusive product of Global Aquatics Inc. and should not be bought, sold or exchange for cash. Not for resale. Certain restrictions apply. Dermatologically tested