Plant a Tree Campaign

Global Aquatics Inc.  Plant a Tree Campaign

Global Aquatics Inc. proudly supports the " Plant a Tree Campaign" 

Our goal for supporting this campaign includes community awareness for our customers by allowing them to contribute through a purchase and encourage environmental friendly decisions in our daily choices. The success of our goal will depend on our customers involvement including the sharing of ideas and shared learning experiences.

Planting Your Tree

You have the option to have Global Aquatics Inc.  plant the tree for you or your friend which includes no extra steps but a purchase and automatically have your name displayed on our supporters area or you can have the fun experience of planting your own tree by the " Think Earth" kit"

For every purchase more than $30, a tree would be planted in your honor plus a free " Think Earth" kit.

The kit includes:
  •     A Keychain ( inclusive of 5 variety of seeds)  
                * The plant is real
  •     A personalized printed certificate acknowledging that a tree has been planted in your honor.
  •     Brochure on how to care for the environment

The Global Aquatics Inc. Keychain is made of purely recyclable and biodegradable  materials that are eco-friendly.

Degradable vs. biodegradable – what’s the difference?

A degradable product is one that undergoes changes in structure when exposed to air, humidity or heat. Biodegradation is the action of microorganisms consuming a material.

Here at Global Aquatics Inc, we are also dedicated to help adopt a more green approach to our products or are in the process of introducing materials that recognize the need to be more eco-friendly, healthy and maintain sustainable lifestyles.

Our corporate supporters will welcome your contribution in shaping the products and services they offer in the future.

We donate 10% of every purchase to help support the environment.

Disclaimer: The "Think Earth" kit is an exclusive support item of Global Aquatics Inc to the " Plant a Tree Campaign" and should not be bought, sold or exchange for cash. Not for resale. Certain restrictions apply.