Origin and Description

The first origin of fish spa was in Kangal, Turkey, they were first found in nature hot springs 600 years ago. The doctor fish are naturally born for their aptitude to find dead skin or any damaged on the skin surface. After the fish nibbling treatment, all your skin feels smoother and softer than before. 

In their natural habitat, Doctor fish ( Garra Rufa) live in hot springs, usually natural food sources are not enough for all of them. In the nature, doctor fish live in hot waters, such as springs, the temperature is around 32-39 degrees centigrade.

In these thermal water, there is not enough food sources, such as small organisms. Turkish discovered that doctor fish feeds with dead skin. After that, some scientists found that the process of doctor fish nibbling dead skin, is a remedy of skin problems, such as Psoriasis. Secretion from doctor fish’s mouth can help stimulate growth of new skin cells.

The common names for Garra Rufa are Doctor fish, Nibble Fish, Kangal Fish and Lickers Fish. They belong to the family Cyprinidae ( Minnows and Carps). Order: Cypriniformes (Carps), Class: Actinopterygii ( Ray-finned fishes) .

Garra Rufa are non migratory. They help in healing all kinds of skin diseases and disorders like Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Acne, Athlete's Foot and Blackheads. They nibble at the skin area until the upper skin layer would be completely smooth. At the same time, they produce small quantity of Dithranol and an enzyme containing secretion into the skin, which e.g. at Psoriasis does slow down the skin renovation and so normalizing the skin.

This process is absolutely free of pain and the patient feels a pleasant tickling on the skin to which you will get used to very fast.

Maximum size is 7 cm, an average of 2-3 inches.

Garra Rufa are considered to be bottom-dwellers and have a lifespan of 4-6 years.