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http://www.globalaquaticsinc.com/p/feeding-and-nutrition.htmlWe accept special orders excluding:
  • Species which cannot be transported
Each Garra Rufa cost $3.49. Discounts apply for large quantity orders. Please contact us for more details.


New Panda Garra Rufa! Exclusively available at Global Aquatics Inc.

  • Panda Garra Rufa is a close relative of the original Garra Rufa. A more colorful variety, they will serve as an amazing addition to any tank.
  • They originated from Myanmar
  • Each cost $4.49
  • Food for the Panda Variety is the same with Garra Rufa

For each order you can get:
  • One packet of specialized fish food and vitamins
  • Manual on basic guide for fish, includes care, diet, breeding and fry care
  • Instructional CD on setting up the tank for both tropical and coldwater fishes
  • Premium Betta fry food and brochures ( for Betta orders only)
  • Health Certificates and Certificate of Origin ( for Garra Rufa orders only)

Special promo for purchasing Bettas: Buy three and get one free ( available until quantities last)

( To purchase Bettas, state in the instructions area ( eg.: Betta 1: Female or Pair)

Halfmoon Betta:
Halfmoon Betta

Plakat Betta:
Plakat Betta