Feeding and Nutrition

Food For Garra Rufa:

This is the sought after food for Garra Rufa. The perfectly balanced composition, the contents in valuable minerals and trace elements, multivitamin complex including long term stabilized Vitamin C makes this a healthy staple diet.

Fish food must have a well balanced composition of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and ballast substances for an appropriate nutrition.

The most important ingredients and their important features:

Ballast Substances
  •     are effective against intestinal inertia
  •     is used in muscle build up and is therefore a real power nutrition 
  •     are the most important energy source 
  •     such as calcium are indispensible for bone buildup and for healthy growth especially if the fish is plan to be bred 
Trace Elements:
  •     fulfills different tasks in the body

Food for Garra Rufa fry:
Finely dried, growth food for young Garra Rufa. High in crude fiber that supports intestinal activity. A high calcium content supports skeletal growth.

Once the young are free swimming they must be carefully looked for as they are extremely small. These fined particle food can be sprinkled on the surface two, three or more times per day

They could also be mashed well in the palm with a wet finger and rinsed into the tank; again two or three times per day.

These food is best introduced into the fine air stream from the aeration stone, thus they are broken up and evenly distributed throughout the tank.

Garra Rufa Vitamins:

A tablet multivitamin preparation useful in before and after introducing new fish into a new place, for enriching the the rearing food for growing fish (Young fish have higher vitamin requirement) , before breeding tries, enhances the vitality and well being of the fish.

Directly put the tablets into the water to do so. ( One tablet per 10 gallons )Through the tablet form, the ingredients stay stable for a long time as light and air will not affect the vitamins. The active ingredients are released slowly and well dosed. Garra Rufa nibble at the tablets and thus take up vitamins and minerals directly.

* Global Aquatics Inc gives 1 pound of Garra Rufa food and 5 vitamin tablets on your first order.