How to place an order?

  • Please visit this "page" and then fill in all the necessary information that is required. We would reply to your order within 24 hours after your submission.

Do you offer discounts and promotions?

We currently have the following promotions:
  1. Original Price of Garra Rufa is $3.49. Please refer below for the discount on orders:
  • Quantity 10-19 = $2.99 each 
  • Quantity 20-30 = $2.49 each 
  • Quantity 30 or more = $1.99 each
      2.  Betta: Buy 3 Get 1 Free

What are your Garra Rufa spa packages and what are included?
  • Please visit this page for more information abour our fish spa packages for both home and business use.

Can I order in advance?

  • Yes, you would be able to order in advance. Just contact us via any of our forms in our website or at service@globalaquaticsinc.com. State your preferred delivery date.

What are the guarantees and claims?
  • All claims & DOAs ( Dead On Arrival) report must be submitted within 24 hours of the arrival of the shipment. All claims must be supported with photos. The photo must clear and reveal the quantity of fish. If the DOAs had been made clear, we would sent another box of your order completely free of charge.

What is the trading currency?
  • The currency is in US Dollars ( USD ) to be easily calculated by all customers worldwide.

When will I be charged?
  • You will be charge when your order has been shipped.

Do you ship worldwide?
  • Yes, we do ship worldwide. In case an order cannot be ship to a location, an email notification would be sent.

Where would my order ship from?
  • Your order would be shipped via the most convenient country location.

What are the shipping fees and procedures?

  • Please visit this "page" for the list of shipping fees and procedures before the shipment.

Do you have a minimum order policy?
  • We have no minimum order policy.

Are there any discounts given?
  • Occasionally we give exceptionally high discounts. Our price is calculated and kept as low as possible. Unless you're ordering exceptionally huge quantities, we normally do not offer any further discounts.

What are the documentation needed?
  • Generally a Health Certificate is needed. Some destination may need Certificate of Origin. This is provided by us free of charge with every order upon request.

What will be the packing like?
  • Fishes are packed with double layered polyethylene bags in a Styrofoam box that are further protected with a corrugated cardboard box. You can be assured that our packing procedures are compliant with the international standard and requirement for the fisheries industry.

What products come with my order when I buy Doctor fish?
  • For a list of our Garra Rufa spa products, please visit this "page"

Can Garra Rufa be kept as pets?
  • Yes, they can be kept as pets or for spa purposes.

Where can I learn more about the Doctor Fish Spa?

  • Please visit this "page" to read about additional benefits of Garra Rufa or more commonly known as doctor fish.

What are the browser recommendations for viewing your site?
  • For optimum viewing, please use the latest Firefox or Safari browser.

    I still have questions, how can I contact you?