Extra Reminders

 Extra reminders in buying Garra Rufa for spas or keeping them as pets.

1. After you have placed the fish in their new container, aquarium or pool, let them have a rest for  one or two days to adapt to their new environment.

2. Feed the fish once a day to prevent them from attacking one another because of hunger.

3. Keep nets, cleaning apparatus and all other equipment handy nearby.

4. Hang up all nets to dry after us.

5. Never keep paints, varnishes or solvents near an aquarium.

6. Overfeeding should be avoided.

7. Take care not to over aerate.

8. Do not shock the fishes by tapping on their aquarium and if dipping avoid moving excessively.

9. Terrapins, newts and other small amphibian should never be kept with Garra Rufa.

10. Do not attempt to move a full aquarium. This will cause stress and uneven stress in the tank.

To learn more about our Garra Rufa Spa Tanks, please visit this page.