Cleaning and checking:

Clean the aquarium carefully before set up as to remove all possible chemicals use during production, etc. ( for new bought tanks) You need two buckets.

The panes should by no means be cleaned with chemical glass cleaners, not even on the outside.

Thoroughly clean the aquarium with hot water and a firm cloth.
After cleaning check for any leaks.

Steps on releasing Garra Rufa:

1. Put the fish bag into the aquarium, pool or container ( opening on the top) and make sure the bag floats.

2. Open the bag and turn up the edges several time. The bag then floats open in the water. Fill the bag with the water ( approx. the two- or threefold original amount of the bag content) into the bag in portions within the course of half an hour.

3. After thirty minutes, you can transfer the fish using a soft net. Be sure to dispost the transit water.

Conditions and Equipments:

A heater is needed. Temperatures in the natural habitat are said to range from 15-28 C. In hot pools the fish is said to live at a temperature of 37 C

An aerator is needed to add oxygen continuously.

Garra Rufa should be in groups. Do not keep a single Garra Rufa by itself.

Keep the water clean. 25% Partial water changes can be done every week.

There are two types of filter that can be used.

One is the UV filter. Highly recommended for owners of fish spas. This is highly effective in disinfecting the water.

The second one is the sponge filter. Use often by Garra Rufa breeders and individual owners.

For people keeping them in aquariums, plants and sand is optional.