About Us

Global Aquatics Inc., in its world of unique fish breeding and expertise brings forth an exciting experience in the Garra Rufa rearing industry. We are dedicated to offering our best services, from quality breed to competitive pricing, with Global Aquatics Inc., the possibilities are endless.

Since 2001, Global Aquatics Inc officially began operation. We have gradually but surely accumulated experiences in the business of exporting live and genuine Garra Rufa. We have developed the quality and value of our products and offerings, which have proven to be very well accepted by customers around the world.

For the past several years, we strive to continuously improve our management system and packing technology. It is important to us that our live stocks can be shipped to arrive at our customers' hands in perfectly healthy condition.

Our company policies have always been stated clearly. We are fully customer oriented and we are always in the process of improving our customer support and product quality.

Our facility has been designed with the latest and most modern equipment currently available. We have created the best environment possible for our livestock with specially designed tanks.

We upgrade and improve our different facilities from time to time and we can guarantee that only selected quality Garra Rufa, well quarantined and healthy fishes for exporting to all our valuable existing and potential clients from all over the world.

The extensive knowledge of both our staff and breeders, supported by solid experience and hard work, we are ever ready to offer conditioning and quarantine. Our client's confidence is sealed with our undivided attention on the health status by conductors diagnosis and treatment to ensure that the welfare of the livestock is well taken care of. All deliveries are marked with healthier fish from farm to destination.