Garra Rufa ( Doctor Fish) Spa Products

Global Aquatics Inc. offers you a range of products for you to enjoy your Garra Rufa fish spa experience
Feeding and Nutrition: Fish Food and Vitamins

This is the sought after food for Garra Rufa. The perfectly balanced composition, the contents in valuable minerals and trace elements, multivitamin complex including long term stabilized Vitamin C makes this a healthy staple diet.

Fish food must have a well balanced composition of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and ballast substances for an appropriate nutrition. Learn more
Global Aquatics Inc. After Spa Water Gel    

Is it possible to hydrate your skin continuously? Now you can with our new water gel. With its breakthrough Progressive Release System, your skin will get up to two times, the continuous all day hydration it needs. Reduce dull appearance, dry lines and crack to reveal smoother and more supple skin with our combination of advanced hydrating elements.  Learn more.
Global Aquatics Inc Garra Rufa Spa Purifier

To use: Wash with lukewarm water then use the purifier. The purifier is sprayed on skin before submersion in tank or pool. This prevents impurities from being transferred. 

 The secret to Global Aquatics Inc Garra Rufa Spa Purifier is protecting the skin's delicate moisture balance while removing impurities in a single step.

We bring to your skin just what it needs to look healthy and beautiful. Learn more

Global Aquatics Inc Garra Rufa Spa Tanks / Aquariums

We offer custom-made tanks and aquariums for Garra Rufa. Each is custom made upon the request of the customer.  We currently have 4 available colors for the Garra Rufa Tanks: White, Red, Black and Royal Blue. Each tank could be customized depending on your request.

Our leather seats are custom built, professionally tailored and fitted seats are lightweight. They come with a coordinating tray with hidden wheels for the fish tanks so the unit can be moved easily from one place to another.

We also offer free tanks for different spa packages, kindly contact us at for more information. Learn more

Global Aquatics Inc Spa Essential Towels

 Treat yourself to the most luxurious spa towel available. Our Spa Essential towels provides the most effective spa experience. Lightweight and luxuriously soft, they are are amazingly gentle on skin because its super-absorbency allows you to softy dry yourself.

It is woven differently for the specific purpose and are specifically geared for Garra Rufa spa treatment

This will be one of the softest towel you ever own. It is exceptionally silky against your skin, and stays fresh because it dries quickly. A perfect addition to any spa package. Learn more

Doctor Fish Therapy - Spa and Healthy Skin. Learn more

To inquire about our Garra Rufa spa packages , cost ,shipping fees and for specific request, please contact us at
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