Exotics Special: Kelberi Bahia

Exotics Special: Kelberi Bahia

Kelberi Bahia available for special order. Available in proven pairs. Please contact us for any inquiries.


Feeding: Live foods such as fish. Can take commercially prepared food like raw shrimp, frozen krill, blood worms, pellets earthworms or any meat-based food. Avoid feeding for 3-5 days then introduced feeding of desired food. Feed the fish three or four times a day and slowly taper off to once a day as it gets older. Once your fish reaches adulthood, feed it once every other day

Voracious fish eater

Tank size:
Bigger the better. No less than 70 gallons. 125 gallons is recommended. Do not house this fish in a smaller tank

Tank Setup:
Place a thick layer of sand at the bottom of the tank. Add large, flat rocks and a few standing rocks in the sand. Place aquarium plants in the aquarium. Rocks and plants create hiding spaces for the fish

Install a heavy-duty filter in the tank. They produce a large amount of waste. An insufficient filter system will not filter out enough waste in the water. Add a heater to the tank, as well. Follow the directions for your filter and your heater closely. Aquarium heaters and filters are set up differently from brand to brand

Arowana, Tigerfish. Not compatible with smaller fish

You can contact us at service@globalaquaticsinc.com for any inquiries
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