Garra Rufa Breeding Kit

Global Aquatics Inc. offers you a new and exciting package: The Garra Rufa Breeding Kit.

Garra Rufa Fry
Garra Rufa can be an amazing addition, particularly if you are in the fish hobby. If you have a few Garra Rufa and would like to have more, then this package is definitely for you. 

It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you see those brand new baby fish swimming around your tank for the first time. 

Before you attempt to breed any fish, however, you need to set up the proper environment for those fish to spawn. 
Garra Rufa Eggs

Difficulty of breeding Garra Rufa is from medium to expert level

This Garra Rufa Breeding kit will include everything you need to start: 
Garra Rufa , Garra Rufa Vitamins (to promote breeding), Garra Rufa Fish Food, Special Formulation for the fry, Breeding Tank, Rearing tank ( for the fry), Heater, Sponge Filter, Thermometer, Plastic Mesh Fish Net, Aquatic Plant (Hornwort, Cabomba), Comprehensive Brochure and Information CD

how to breed garra rufa doctor fish
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