Exotics Special: Datnioides

Exotics Special: Datnioides

  • Siamese Tiger Fish aka 'Tai Guo Hu', Wide Bar Datnoid, ST
    ( Datnioides Pulcher )
  • Indonesian Tiger Fish 'In Ni Hu', Indonesian Datnoid, IT
    ( Datnioides Microlepis )
  • New Guinea Tiger Fish, New Guinea Datnoid, NGT
    ( Datnioides Campelli )
  •  Northern Thailand Tiger Fish, Thin Bar Datnoid, NTT
    ( Datnioides Undecimradiatus )

Datnioides available for special order. All stocks are from Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. Please contact us for any inquiries. Subject to availability.


Datnioides, also known as tigerfishes, are the only genus of fish in the family Datnioididae. Planted tanks are preferred when still small. All tiger fish will turn unstable and blackish when stressed. This can be due to water condition, space constraints or bullying by other fish (even of the same species). 

Being predatory, they should not be kept together with peaceful fish. Tigers generally can grow quite fast if proper care and food is given to them.

Breeding: Not likely to breed in captivity. 

Water Conditions: Tigerfish generally thrives best in waters of pH 7.0-7.5. Not less than 5.5

Temperature: 24-28 ºC or 75-82 ºF

Feeding: Live fish as this is their natural food in the wild. They can also be fed with commercially prepared food such as shrimp, worms , chicken meat and pellets. Provide a good variety of diet

Compatibility and Tankmates: They can be kept with other tigers, provided some considerations are taken into account such as feeding frequency and tank size. They can also go along with: freshwater stingrays, Asian Arowanas, Bichirs, Flagtails
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