Exotics Special: Assorted Stingrays

Exotics Special: Assorted Stingrays

List of stingrays for special order: 

Potamotrygon Motoro (Ocellated River Stingray, Spotted River Ray):
  • Marbled Motoro
  • Chain-Link Motoro
  • Triple Spot Motoro
  • Blue Motoro
Potamotrygon Reticulata (Reticulated River Ray, Teacup Ray, Colombian Ray)

Potamotrygon cf. Hystrix (Porcupine River Ray, Teacup Ray, Cururu River Ray, "True" Hystrix Stingray.)

Potamotrygon Scobina (Raspy River Stingray)

Potamotrygon Schroederi "Colombia" (Flower Ray)

Potamotrygon Menchacai "Tiger" (Tiger Ray)

Potamotrygon Leopoldi (Polka-Dot River Stingray, Spotted River Ray, White-Blotched River Stingray)

Potamotrygon Henlei (Polka-Dot River Stingray, Spotted River Ray, Orange-Blotched River Stingray, Big-Tooth River Stingray)

Potamotrygon sp. "Itaituba" - P14 (Polka-Dot River Stingray, Spotted River Ray, Galaxy River Ray, Black 'Estrella' Ray)

Potamotrygon sp. "Mantilla" (Mantilla Ray)

Potamotrygon sp. "Aparico" (Nazca Ray, Aparico Ray, Rio Tigre Motoro)

Potamotrygon Humerosa - "Mosaic" (Mosaic River Stingray, Mosaic Ray)

Plesiotrgyon Iwamae (Antenna River Stingray, Long-Tailed River Ray)

Plesiotrgyon Iwamae - "Black Tailed" (Black Tailed Antenna River Stingray, Long-Tailed River Ray)

Potamotrygon Yepezi (Marcaibo River Ray)

Potamotygon Constellata (Thorny River stingray)

Potamotrygon Castexi (Jaguar, Otorongo, Motelo, Turtle, Galaxy, Estrella, Hawaiian)

* Stingrays are of high grade and show quality. Import from Taiwan. Comes with a free Stingray Care kit and Information Brochure.


The most important consideration in selecting your aquarium is horizontal surface area, as rays spend most of their time on the bottom actively searching for food.

Freshwater stingrays have fast metabolisms and need 2-3 feedings each day; dietary variety is vital to good health. Live blackworms, ghost shrimp, crayfish, earthworms and small fishes are necessary for newly-acquired specimens. Eventually, most can be habituated to accepting canned invertebrates and animal-based frozen foods, but live animals remain an important component of the diet.

Tankmates: While rays often get along well with each other and certain other fishes, the usually benign suckermouth catfishes (i.e. Plecostomus spp) present an unusual problem. They often latch onto stingrays’ backs, sucking at the skin and causing lesions and stress-related ailments. The reasons for this behavior have not yet been thoroughly investigated.  Care must be taken in selecting tankmates as stingrays are reported to be capable of "blanketing" an Armatus, Flowerhorn, Siamese Tigerfish, etc.

Stingrays are subject to availability. Please contact us at service@globalaquaticsinc.com
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