Garra Rufa Spa Tanks / Aquarium

We offer custom-made tanks and aquariums for Garra Rufa. Each is custom made upon the request of the customer. We also offer free tanks for different spa packages, kindly contact us at for more information.

We currently have 4 available colors for the Garra Rufa Tanks: White, Red, Black and Royal Blue. Each tank could be customized depending on your request.

Our leather seats are custom built, professionally tailored and fitted seats are lightweight. They come with a coordinating tray with hidden wheels for the fish tanks so the unit can be moved easily from one place to another.

The Twin or Double Seat System is suitable for business use. While the Single Seat System for home or personal use.

We also offer free limited edition fish spa rug for your shop or home. Comes in Navy Blue color with white  Garra Rufa design at the edge.

Each Doctor Fish tanks comes with:

UV Filters, UV Lights, External Heaters, Air Pumps, Blue Led Strips, Suitable Lid and Cover, Cleaning Kit , Comprehensive Brochure, Nets, Cushion, Sitting Area, Cabinet Design, Testing Kit, Thermometer

 Tanks are made from 10-12mm toughened safety glass with polished edges. Conforms to International Safety Standards.

Maintenance can be easily done with the Cleaning kit. Each tank is designed with the latest health and safety guidelines.

Each cabinet is constructed with 20mm boards. Neat and Elegant looking Venetian design.
You have the option to order the complete set with cabinet and cushions or glass alone.
Two options are available. Acrylic and Glass (Recommended)

Safe, tough, hygienic and made from the highest quality materials. Each tank comes with a 1 year warranty.

We highly recommend ordering our comprehensive spa package that would already include all necessary things needed and would include the customize tank free of charge.

All our seats can be upholstered in any color you can think of to match your business perfectly.

We offer free shipping on some spa packages and Garra Rufa tank orders.

Exclusive Distribution: The " Global Aquatics Inc. Garra Rufa Spa Tank" is an exclusive product of Global Aquatics Inc. Warranty repair is provided under the terms and conditions as stipulated on the warranty card issued at the time of purchase. Please read the warranty card carefully for details.

Exotics Special: Goliath African Tigerfish

Exotics Special: African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Goliath)

Goliath African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Goliath) available for special order. Import from Japan from one of our suppliers. Please contact us for inquiries.


The Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath) is a member of the African tetra family, Alestidae. Being the biggest member of this family, it can grow to reach around 1.4m long. A native of the Congo River basin, the Lualaba River, Lake Upemba and Lake Tanganyika in Africa, it’s the largest member of the tigerfish clan, a genus of fierce predators with protruding, dagger-like teeth.

Breeding: Giant tigerfish gather with other giant tigerfish of similar size. Small fish make large groups, and large fish make small groups. In the summer these fish migrate or move in rivers to find a place to spawn or release their eggs along the shores of lakes or the flooded banks of large rivers.

Females scatter hundreds of thousands of eggs into plants, where they hatch. The adults give no parental care. No breeding in captivity have been reported so far.
Feeding:  Live fish. Some living in captivity would accept commercially prepared foods like larger morsels, shrimp, worms , larvae,beef heart.

Maintenance: There is no need for any decor except perhaps a sandy base due to the speed and power of these fish. Water should be of the highest quality and well-oxygenated. It is a very active swimmer and therefore requires an absolutely enormous aquarium.

Compatibility and Tankmates:  Other larger fish like Armatus and Peacock Bass. Tank size will play an important role. purchase tiger fish buy african goliath tiger fish online

Exotics Special: Goonch Catfish

Exotics Special: Goonch Catfish (Bagarius Yarrelli)

Goonch Catfish (Bagarius Yarrelli) available for special order. Import from Japan from one of our suppliers. Please contact us for any inquiries.


Bagarius Yarrelli, known as the Giant Devil Catfish or Goonch is a very large species of catfish in genus Bagarius found in rivers in South Asia. It is possibly also found in Southeast Asia, but this may involve a separate species.

It is found in large rivers, including rivers with fast current, but never in small streams. It is found in South Asia. There are also populations in Southeast Asia (as far south as Sumatra and Borneo), but this may involve a separate species.

Other names: Giant Devil Catfish, Goonch, Pla Kaey, Sand Shark

Breeding: Unknown. Usually wild caught.

Feeding: Live fish, larger morsels, shrimp, worms, etc

Compatibility: Not compatible with smaller fish as it is a true predator. Will eat scales and fins of other fish kept with it and even swallow. where to buy goonch catfish, bagarius yarrelli for sale purchase online

Please contact us at for any inquiries