Doctor Fish Therapy - Spa And Healthy Skin

We at Global Aquatics Inc. gives you the opportunity to have your very own Garra Rufa fish spa.

Doctor Fish Therapy Spa provides a natural pedicure. These amazing Garra Rufa fish gently removes the dead skin cells outer layer from the body under layer skin aside.

Fish spa treatments are a new available treatment for health, specifically for your skin's health. Fish spa therapy, known as as doctor fish, originates from Turkey and have been providing skin benefits for hundreds of years. How it does it? You only need to set the feet inside the pool filled with garra rufa fish. The garra rufa includes a dithranol enzyme that could soften your skin and even cure some skin related problems. 

Additionally, it may aid with the development of new skin layers. Once you get a your feet or hand in the pool, these garra rufa will bite you. 

How about the bite? Don’t worry, it doesn't hurt at all. The bite will feel tingling inside your feet and also it will also cause you to laugh. Somehow, with this laugh effect through the garra rufa, it is also to help you release the strain from your head.

After you have passed the ticklish feeling, the fish start to act as a stimulating, relaxing massage with more than 100 of these running their little suction cup mouths along the feet and toes. Be assured these inch-long fish don’t have any teeth! It’s a natural method to exfoliate your skin. They are also great for people who are afflicted by psoriasis along with other conditions that cause dry, flaky skin, like eczema.

First, the feet will be washed with luke warm water and would be sprayed Global Aquatics Inc Spa Purifier. You don't need to worry about maintaining the cleanliness of the pool or tank as the purifier will serve its purpose. Aside from that for every spa package, we provide free UV filters. The water is filtered by the UV light to completely eliminate bacteria. 

Then, you will need towel dry and if you prefer you could use the Global Aquatics Inc After Spa Water Gel. Besides making you free from any skin condition, the fish spa therapy can make your scar disappear, accelerate your blood flow, makes your dead skin cells get taken off naturally, thus helping in skin rejuvenation. What exactly are you awaiting for? Go get a fish spa therapy now!

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