Global Aquatics Inc., in its world of unique fish breeding and expertise brings forth an exciting experience in the Garra Rufa rearing industry. We are dedicated to offering our best services, from quality breed to competitive pricing, with Global Aquatics Inc., the possibilities are endless.

Since 2001, Global Aquatics Inc officially began operation. We have gradually but surely accumulated experiences in the business of exporting live and genuine Garra Rufa. We have developed the quality and value of our products and offerings, which have proven to be very well accepted by customers around the world. For the past several years, we strive to continuously improve our management system and packing technology. It is important... Read more

The first origin of fish spa was in Kangal, Turkey, they were first found in nature hot springs 600 years ago. The doctor fish are naturally born for their aptitude to find dead skin or any

damaged on the skin surface. After the fish nibbling treatment, all your skin feels smoother and softer than before. In their natural habitat, Doctor fish ( Garra Rufa) live in hot springs, usually natural food sources are not enough for all of them. In the nature, doctor fish live in hot waters, such as springs, the temperature is around 32-39 degrees centigrade. In these thermal waters...Read more.

Global Aquatics Inc. proudly supports the " Plant a Tree Campaign"

Our goal for supporting this campaign include community awareness for our customers by allowing them to contribute through a purchase and encourage environmental friendly decisions in our daily choices. The success of our goal will depend on our customers involvement including the sharing of ideas and shared learning experiences.

Planting Your Tree
You have the option to have Global Aquatics Inc. plant the tree for you or your friend which includes no extra steps but a purchase and automatically have your name displayed on our supporters area or you can have the fun experience of planting your own tree by the " Think Earth" kit"

Before this spa treatment make sure you wash with lukewarm water as to remove any lotion or cosmetics. After minutes, it will feel like a massage. Then dry yourself with a towel and apply our special lotion to keep your skin softer.

We offer free water gel lotion to all Garra Rufa orders.

Is it possible to hydrate your skin continuously?

Now you can with our new water gel. With its breakthrough Progressive Release System, your skin will get up to two times, the continuous all day hydration it needs. Reduce dull appearance, dry lines and crack to reveal smoother and more supple skin with our combination of advanced hydrating elements. Learn More

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